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Striker Group is a dynamic real estate team making waves in Central Florida.  With a passion for helping people and a deep appreciation for the area's unique charm, Striker Group is dedicated to making dreams a reality for buyers and sellers alike.

Led by a team of top agents, Striker Group is driven by their love for the real estate business.  What sets them apart is their genuine desire to assist individuals and families in finding their perfect home, always putting the customer first.  Whether it's helping with a relocation, guiding first-time home buyers through the process, finding investors a great prospect or finding that luxury home, they take pride in being a trusted advisor every step of the way.

What Striker Group appreciates most about Central Florida is its spaciousness and the sense of community that thrives within it.  From sprawling farms to the growth of local neighborhoods, they are passionate about showcasing the diverse opportunities this region has to offer.  With their deep market knowledge and local expertise, they are adept at identifying the hidden gems that match their customers' unique desires.

Beyond their professional achievements, Striker Group finds joy in their personal lives by giving back to the community, enjoying time with their family and friends, traveling and enjoying all of the outdoor hobbies Central Florida has to offer.  As avid Equestrians, they embrace the equestrian lifestyle that Central Florida is renowned for, and they can provide invaluable insights into properties that cater to this passion.

Striker Group's commitment to their customers goes beyond the transactional.  They understand that buying or selling a home is a deeply personal experience, and they strive to build meaningful connections with each person they work with.  With their professional yet friendly approach, they create an atmosphere of trust and open communication.

Striker Group is more than just a real estate team - they are a dedicated group of individuals who are truly invested in the well-being of their customers and community.  Whether you're searching for your dream home or looking to sell, Striker Group is here to guide you every step of the way.

Gary, Lucinda and Meghan pictured with their dogs.