Housing Market Update--May 2023

This YouTube video shared by one of our preferred lenders, David Gibson, of Equity Prime Mortgage is a must watch if you're curious about the ebbs and flows of the housing market.  Speaker, Stephen Carpitella, dives into the history of the economy, job market, Banking regulations and how these affect the housing market.  The good news--it's still a great time to sell!  Click Here to learn more: https://youtu.be/ZwPQ9sFVxos

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MCBIA Christmas Gala--2022




December 11, 2022 was a night to remember, as Gary and Lucinda attended the Marion County Building Industry Association Christmas Gala, held at the beautiful, Country Club of Ocala.

Gary and Lucinda were both sworn in to the Board of Directors for 2023, but the big surprise was Lucinda winning the award for Associate of the Year for 2022.

Lucinda and Gary's volunteer efforts in the MCBIA gives them first hand knowledge of code changes, development within the county, and how our local and state government operates.

"Our goal is to always have the most knowledge possible so that we can guide our customers in the home buying, selling or building process."